Arctic State of Play

Arctic State of Play

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, located in the northeast corner of Alaska, is one of the finest examples of wilderness remaining anywhere in the world. The Trump administration is rushing forward with plans for destructive oil and gas drilling while disregarding the biological, cultural and climate impacts on a rapidly warming Arctic.This push is the result of Congress passing a controversial tax bill in 2017 that mandates development such as corporate companies coming in to oil and drill for financial gain. The focus target is the coastal plain which is the sacred land of the Gwich’in people. The Gwich’in have depended on caribou for their survival for thousands of years and make their home near the Porcupine Caribou Herd’s migratory route. If corporate companies gain access to drill, these migratory routes and, therefore, the very existence of the Gwich’in are threatened. People across the country are stepping up and pushing back. We are working in solidarity with the Gwich’in to bring these urgent issues to corporations and get them to see and take a reverse action to not move forward, as this drilling will produce devastating results. We need to come together from all walks of life to build a support action to Congress to overturn the mandate and sustain the Arctic Refuge and the Gwichin way of life. The current administration is disregarding all science and research about this delicate Arctic land and is failing to follow the law in the courts. We are reaching out to you “The People”: to all citizens, young and old, to the millions of Americans to stand with us and support protecting the Arctic Refuge and the Gwich’in way of life.

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